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The Senior Experience

July 19, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Why do I love shooting Senior portraits? I love to find the confidence and beauty in people, it's as simple as that! 

Every girl is beautiful in her own way, she may or may not know what makes her beautiful but I like to make sure they know what it is that makes them beautiful by showing her. I am going to use the word "imperfections" during this blog as I can't think of a different word (I'm a photographer not a writer) but I believe that an imperfection is nothing more than a difference of opinion. What you may feel is an imperfection may be what someone else sees as perfection, the little wrinkles by your eyes may be an imperfection in your mind but it might be one of the things your boyfriend loves about you. You mmight think of them as a sign of getting old, but he sees them as a sign that you smile lots and are a happy person. Seeing you smile makes him smile............. Do you see what I mean? It is just a difference of opinion as everyone has different tastes and looks for different features in people. So I will use the word "imperfection" but I would ask that you view it in the same way as I do.
We are a species that always tends to look at our own imperfections first. I'm sure there is a university study going on somewhere to tell us why we do this, but personally I have no idea why we do it. Those imperfections make us concious when we are living our lives as we think people are seeing those imperfections and even maybe judging us for them. Believe me when I say that people see the beauty in people before the imperfections. It's true watch this video and you will see it yourself VIDEO
I see that beauty and then I use my creativity to showcase it. This is where my experience and knowledge as a photographer comes in, if you have big beautiful eyes I have to use the right lighting and correct angles to show that off. That is the difference between a good photographer and a bad photographer. I have studied posing, lighting, composition, equipment.......... to ensure I do you justice through a camera. Even the most beautiful people in the world can be made to look imperfect in a photo if the lighting is poor or if the angle is wrong. This doesn't mean the person actually looks like that, it means that it was a bad picture.
So I can see the beauty in you, but you still don't believe it. You are still thinking about those little wrinkles by your eyes that you think look like the Grand Canyon. I could stand behind the camera and tell you that your eyes look amazing and your smile is another level of perfect, but you won't believe me. In every session the first 10 minutes are about me proving something to you. I am proving that you are beautiful. In those first 10 minutes we will get some good, beautiful shots of you. I don't want GOOD, you deserve more than GOOD!! We want GREAT, AMAZING, FANTASTIC beautiful shots. What is it that makes a good shot into that great shot? CONFIDENCE!!
With digital cameras these days it is very easy for me to prove how beautiful you look in a shot. I will take that shot with you looking stunning and all I have to do is let you see the image on the back of the camera. No editing, no crazy effects, just you! That's a big moment for us both as it will prove to you that you are beautiful, you won't see the imperfections because your beauty is stronger. Your confidence is growing now, you are enjoying yourself and now we are getting GREAT shots. 
Senior Portraits are such a big part of a girl's life. Confidence and high self esteem are so important to everyone and at this stage in your life it is important to have both. It may just seem like Senior Photos but if the experience can help give you confidence in everything you do. Are you going to go to college and meeting new people thinking about the imperfections that the bad photographer emphasized or are you going to meet those new friends thinking that they are seeing your amazing smile? It's sounds crazy, but that is how the human mind works. Unless you have proof that you are beautiful, you will think about the imperfections. Let me give you the proof!
I want to make your Senior Photo Shoot an experience you'll remember. When you think of High School I want you to think of Homecoming, Prom, the Championship game, Spring Break at the beach............ my Senior photo shoot. Let's make your photo shoot personal to you. You can bring your whole wardrobe to the shoot if you want and then we can go through the clothes and match up utfits that are going to look amazing in the camera and outfits that tell us about your style, then let the hair and makeup artist give you a different look for each outfit. Let's use a location that says something about YOUR personality. And most importantly let's have fun, don't be afraid to laugh and make fun of my accent. I know I talk funny so feel free to laugh at me. So let's go ahead and start planning your senior photo shoot.
It's not just senior pictures, it's an experience!


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