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Recreational and Competition sports is a huge part of our community. Clubs and associations put lots of time, energy and money into building great programs but the one thing that never seems to work perfectly is photograph days.

I have been a coach and photo days can be the most stressful day of the season because it is usually complete chaos. 50 teams from 4 year olds to 15 year olds all trying to meet up at the same place and get their photos taken. You have to be at the fields an hour before your game and you can guarantee that picture day falls on the day you have a 7am game  or even worse, it falls on a bye weekend.............. 

I am a full time photographer and I fully understand how crazy it can be for a coach, a parent and also the photographer that is trying to photograph 500 kids and get them in the right teams and pictures to the right coaches. It really is crazy.

So let me take away the craziness. We all want pictures of the kids in their uniforms and with their team mates so let us plan it per team. This is how simply having your team pictures taken with ZeroFourFour Photography is...... We will even come out to one of your practices to do pictures if that is easier for you, which is a big help for competition teams who are playing away games every weekend.


  • Send me a list of your games (or practices)
  • I will then send you a list of available dates according to your schedule.
  • You choose a date for your shoot.
  • I will mail order forms to your Coach or team Manager.
  • You hand out order forms to your players at the practice or game before photo day.
  • I turn up an hour before your game or practice on the date you chose and shoot individual pictures and Team picture.
  • After photos you head off to your game or practice.
  • 7 to 10 days later I will ship the team pictures to your Coach or team manager.
  • You hand out the pictures to your team.

It really is that simple and the fact that you get to choose a time for the pictures and that it will be just YOUR team at the shoot means that there is no confusion and more importantly it means that picture day will go faster and be more organized so you can concentrate on the game or practice rather than chasing around kids amongst the 490 other kids that are going crazy. lol.


Take back control of your photo day and contact me now to get the ball rolling.