Senior at the Lake

September 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This was such a fun shoot with Bailee. Three outfits and one location was all we needed to create this beautiful variety of shots, yep just one location. In fact, this whole shoot was shot within a 50 yard area next to the lake. 

All we needed to give the different looks was a change of outfit and a change in the time of day.

I loved this look! The flash photography mixed with the daylight gave Bailee a very 70s fashion look.

As the sun started to lower in the sky and the clouds were creating the some cool drama we knew it was time for an outfit change.

​With the drama in the sky it called for something more dramatic with lighting and outfit. This edgy fashion look was just perfect and the pink shoes really added to it.

​Now the sun has really dropped we got some amazingly elegant colors in the dark sky and now it was time to go elegant with the outfit. Is there anything more elegant than a black formal dress?

This really was a fun shoot and as I'm sure you know by now I aim to give everyone a great variety of looks in their shoot. This shows that variety can be accomplished even in the smallest of locations by simple outfit changes and some creativity. 


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