Studio, Flowers & Tulle.......... Oh my!

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As I'm sure you are aware by now, I like to offer something different in my photo shoots. I have always loved to shoot in the studio but my little home studio was a little small for most projects and it was usually occupied by wife and her amazing New born Photography business. So when the time came for my wife to move to a bigger, stand alone studio my brain started going crazy with all the projects I wanted to shoot. Actually, my brain is still going a little crazy now.


A while back I got high recognition from my peers and won awards for a shoot I did in the studio with one of my Model Reps. We had a bolt of tulle and some fake flowers and just went with our imagination. Just a simple background with fun color tulle which we just wrapped, pinned, clamped, fluffed, twisted.............. until we got something that looked great. It was a cross between fashion designing and a photoshoot. Everyone was being interactive in the look of the image including the hair and makeup artist. It was a lot of fun!!


So when the new studio opened up I really wanted to add something like that tulle shoot to my shoot options for clients. I got some of my Model Reps together and we aimed for the same thing. Just to have fun and go with it and no rules. I admit, it was even more fun the second time around. When I say there was a mountain of tulle in the front room of the studio I am not exaggerating, there was close to 600 yards of unravelled tulle piled up and being wrapped around people. We then added a few flowers to the look and even let the moms throw flower petals at them......... ok, they weren't throwing petals AT them, more like dropping gently from above. Six girls participated in this shoot and it was even more fun than before, so I just had to create a photo shoot option which included it.


I love my outdoors location shoots so I decided to create the "BEAUTIFUL - Inside & Out" shoot. This shoot starts off in the studio for the first hour, playing with the tulle and flowers, exactly as I have been talking about above. Then we will head out of the studio to a nearby location and shoot my usual unique style of flash photography, sunsets and great surroundings. The best of both worlds in one shoot. If you are looking for something different for your senior pictures then a ZeroFourFour shoot is the way to go, but if you are looking for something VERY different for your senior shoot then the BEAUTIFUL - Inside & Out shoot is definitely for you! 

If you would like more info on the shoot you can check out the info in the Seniors page.


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