Why book my Senior shoot so early?

May 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

What is with this weather so far this year? Oh, that's right, it's Louisiana! Anyone who has lived in Louisiana for more than a month will know that you can't really predict this crazy weather, especially in the Spring. Even the trained weather reporters have no idea. lol. The one thing I can honestly say is that this has been probably the wettest and most unpredicatable Spring season I have experienced since I moved here. 


So you are probably thinking "Why is this guy waffling on about the weather?" Well for two reasons really. One: I am British and it is in my DNA to just talk about the weather :) But secondly.......... The weather plays a huge part in your Senior shoot. Anyone who booked their Senior shoot for the Spring time is gambling on the craziness of the weather. Yes, I know it rains in the Fall and winter too, but the Spring has been nothing buy hectic re-scheduling due to rain.

So why wait until Spring to shoot? You maybe want the flowers blooming, you think about the sun shining, it's closer to graduation........... You might have several reasons that the Spring time appeals to you, but what about the Fall? Think about the Fall and tell me you don't get a fuzzy feeling inside. The beautiful colors of the trees, that warm light you get from the sun going down earlier in the day, the cooler and less humid weather that allows you to wear amazing outfits without melting............ Fall is beautiful in it's own way. And yes, yes, yes it does rain in the Fall and your shoot might have to be re-scheduled, but think about how much time you have to re-schedule it, think about all those extra days available to us to ensure a stress free, relaxed and amazing shoot for your Senior pictures. Sounds good doesn't it?


So the weather is a key factor as to why it is worth booking your Senior pictures early, but how about something that runs the world....... Time & Money. I hate this topic as I just think we should all have as much money as we want. lol. Back in the UK our schooling is very different from over here, for one we don't do Senior pictures, but we don't go all out in celebrating the final paragraph of the that chapter in our lives. Basically, I am saying that the US do it bigger and better. Unfortunately bigger and better usually means more expensive and busier. lol.

So what goes into a senior year?

Senior Pictures, College Applications, College Enrollment, Yearbook, Yearbook Ads, Test Prep Classes, Class Ring, L Jacket, Homecoming , Prom, Senior Trip, College trips............ Then the time everyone spends doing Sports, cheer, dance, color guard, academic clubs, outside activities, studying, working.......... It's going to be a crazy year, so why leave things until later when you can get them planned early and even spread the cost of things? 

There are a few things you want the best of no matter what and surely the pictures that document you being a Senior is not somewhere you want to go for the cheapest or go to whoever is still available. So book your Senior pictures early, get the photographer you really want and check another thing off the list early.



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