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I know most of my work is on location rather than in the studio, but I do have a very small in home studio that sometimes screams for some attention from me. I love being out on location with the variety of settings and backdrops, I love how I have to think on my feet to work with whatever is going on with the light and surroundings when on outdoor locations.

But......... I am a huge fan of the technical side of photography and shooting in the studio allows me to work with different light set-ups without having to worry about carrying equipment. I can take my time as I am controlling the light and the model is not melting in the Louisiana heat.

I would love to one day have a bigger studio where I can shoot more often and offer the more editorial beauty shoots that I love so much........... one day :)

Working in a studio is the thing that allows me to see how I have grown and improved as a photographer. This is the best way for me to look at it as I have the constant of the studio. The same room, the same lights, the same equipment....... The main variable is me, my vision and how I use the equipment to achieve my vision.


The above image is a perfect example of why shooting in the studio can be such a fun challenge. Plain grey background and no wardrobe options, Taylor is wearing a strapless shirt but I purposely shot so it wouldn't show because I feel it would have taken away from what is important in this image. Her face! I wanted Taylors make-up to be a little dramatic to add something to her eyes and mouth which is the main focal points. Everything about this shot is done on purpose, her head angle, where she is looking, her mouth position....... all of this is to create those little shadows and highlights that I wouldn't have even thought about a few years back. It's a simple shot like this that shows me that all my hours of studying lighting, posing, attending workshops and dedicating all my spare time to improve has paid off. 

Now I know it sounds like I am completely anal about every little detail of the shoot, but it is not a chore for anyone as I now do it all second nature. A photographer is also a director and directing everything without driving everyone crazy is all part of the lifestyle of a professional photographer.



















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