The Manhattan Experience

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So a few weeks ago I announced that I will now be offering New York Senior Photo Shoot packages. I have had quite a few questions about it and nopne of the questions are the same, so I thought I would write a bit of a blog about why I offer this and what it is all about.

Yes this is a real photo shoot and it is actually in New York City, the New York City that we all know from a hundred movies and TV shows.

As I am sure you are all aware by now, I am British and one of the great things about growing up in the London area of England is the access to other places. I lived about an hour away from Heathrow airport and you could fly to pretty much anywhere and everywhere from that airport. And if for some reason you couldn't fly to the place you wanted from Heathrow airport, then I would just drive an hour in the other direction and fly out of Birmingham airport. It really was that simple!! Greece, France, Monte Carlo, Spain, Holland, Tenerife, Dubai, Iceland, Lapland, Norway, Germany, Italy, USA............ the list goes on and on of the places I was able to visit because of the amazing place I was based. After all of these visits to great cities and fantastic cultures around the world, nothing came close to comparing to my favorite place. LONDON baby!!! Can you believe it? My favorite place on earth was the city that I used to travel to weekly for work. lol. There is just something about London that excites me everytime I go. The atmosphere, the history, the architecture, the diversity........ I just love the place. Like I said, nothing had come close to comparing until my 30th Birthday when my incredible wife took me to New York. Wow!! I was hooked. It had everything that London had and it was much closer to my new home in Louisiana than London. 

When I think of shooting your Senior photos, I want it to be a time that you always remember. The end of high school is a big thing, it is the place that shaped you as an adult, it's the place where you made life long friends, maybe fell in love for the first time. You remember the dances, the parties, the football games........... and I want you to remember your Senior Photo Shoot. 

What better way to have an experience to remember than to shoot in a city you will never forget. I'd love to shoot all you Seniors in London, but I understand that it is not realistic but New York is realistic. More realistic than you might think. This is why I offer a Photo Shoot package to New York. It is an amazing place and you are an amazing person about to finish a very important time of your life. Go out in style :)

When you are in the city that never sleeps, it seems a waste of time to just shoot one little area of the city. How do you decide where to shoot? Times Square? Financial District? Central Park? Grand Central Station, Statue of Liberty..... Do you shoot in the day time or take advantaghe of the amazing lights at night? TOO MANY OPTIONS!!! So I have taken that pressure away. Lets shoot at them ALL :) When you have up to 12 hours of shooting time you can do a great shoot in Central Park, maybe out on the lakes, with the Plaza as a backdrop. Then it's time for a little break to get some lunch and change outfits for a daytime shoot in Times square and the Little Italy. Then we could head back to do some great shots in my favorite hotel which has a fantastic old movie feel and a roof terrace that looks straight up at the Empire State Building from just two blocks away. Then after another break for you to go shopping at Macy's or Bloomingdales we finish off your day shooting with a night time shoot in Times Square with the energetic surroundings and the bright city lights as an incrfedible backdrop.

This is just one scenario, if I think about it oo much my head will explode because of the huge amount of options that are available to us. But don't stress about the locations, leave that to me to plan. You just worry about those fantastic outfits you will need. So whether it's a shoot in New York for just yourself or a shoot with a couple of your friends, ZeroFourFour can do it for you in New York City. 

The ZeroFourFour Senior Magazine has loads more info and prices. PLEASE SEND ME A FREE DIGITAL COPY OF THE MAGAZINE.







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