True Beauty Through the Lens

July 16, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

About a year ago I saw an image that had me speechless. It was labeled as a glamour image, but I had seen glamour shots and this looked nothing like it. This image was posed, but felt natural. It had natural lighting, but was shot in a studio. Everything about it had me hooked. That is what I wanted to shoot, this was where I wanted to be as a photographer and an artist. Who was the photographer that had instantly inspired me? Her name was Sue Bryce. An amazing photographer out of New Zealand.

A few weeks later there was a workshop by Sue Bryce which I just had to see. Maybe I could pick up some pointers on how to shoot like she does. Wow, the workshop was three days long and it was so in depth. I loved how she took everyday, hard working women and showed them their true beauty. I have worked tirelessly to learn how to bring out a woman's true beauty when they are self consious and guarded about their appearance. It is not a lie when I say that EVERY woman has her own true beauty. You just need to be shown it.

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you see the beauty in your smile and in your eyes or do you just see a reflection? A reflection of someone who has been at work all day, a reflection of someone who has been chasing the kids around all day, a reflection of someone who has been dealing with grocery shopping, house work, taking the boys to soccer then rushing across town to take the girls to dance then rushing home to cook some dinner, bath the kids and then pass out yourself............. How often do you see your true beauty these days? Almost never, because you have not looked at yourself long enough to see it again. It's there, I promise!

Your hectic life and the two seconds you get to look in the mirror each morning before flying out of the door has trained all of us to only see the negative in our appearance. In those two seconds looking in the mirror, the only thing we see are the flaws in our appearance. But is that the way your husband or boyfriend sees you? If you asked your best friend to describe you would they even mention those crows feet that to you seem to be getting deeper and wider each day? Or would they mention your amazing smile, your great complextion, your eyes that sparkle when you laugh............? 

I thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to read my blog on this topic. If you are a person that looks in the mirror and sees flaws in yuor appearance then I ask you to watch this short video below and see what I am talking about. Please turn the sound up on your phone or computer and think about how others look at you.


So........ what do you think? Did anything in the video touch a spot inside you? It did me! Did you see the happiness on all the women's faces when they saw how all those strangers described them? Did you hear the positive words that the strangers were using whilst describing the women? They saw the true beauty in those women and they saw it beacause true beauty is more powerful than little flaws. 

When you stand in front of the mirror, how do you stand? Are you stood with good posture in a way that emphasises your big eyes and your cheek bones? Or are you stood straight on, shoulders slumped, head sunk into your neck, arms hanging by your side............? How is your make up and hair? Are you having fun looking at yourself or were you already thinking about your flaws before you even looked in the mirror? 

I started shooting this modern glamour style of photography because I love to find the true beauty in women, the beauty that they haven't seen for some time. It is that reaction that makes me spend hours and hours learning how to pose people the correct way, how to light people the correct way and how to bring out the true beauty in people. Even the most beautiful people in the world can look a little funky in pictures if the lighting or posing is poor.

My Portrait Allure shoots and even my Senior shoots are based around showing everyone their true beauty. And what do you do if you have lost something? You look for it and finding it is easier than you think. Spoiling you with amazing hair and make-up artists, getting you dressed up in a great wardrobe and giving you the attention you deserve is a great way of finding your true beauty. Once you are in front of the camera you can relax and trust me to shoot that true beauty that has crept back in throughout your shoot. It's all about you!

Once you have found something you have lost, you tend to put it in a place where you will remember where it is in the future. That is easy this time round as you will have beautiful images showing off your true beauty to always remind you how amazing you are! 



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