ZeroFourFour Photography: Blog en-us (C) ZeroFourFour Photography (ZeroFourFour Photography) Thu, 29 Sep 2016 21:04:00 GMT Thu, 29 Sep 2016 21:04:00 GMT ZeroFourFour Photography: Blog 120 80 Senior at the Lake This was such a fun shoot with Bailee. Three outfits and one location was all we needed to create this beautiful variety of shots, yep just one location. In fact, this whole shoot was shot within a 50 yard area next to the lake. 

All we needed to give the different looks was a change of outfit and a change in the time of day.

I loved this look! The flash photography mixed with the daylight gave Bailee a very 70s fashion look.

As the sun started to lower in the sky and the clouds were creating the some cool drama we knew it was time for an outfit change.

​With the drama in the sky it called for something more dramatic with lighting and outfit. This edgy fashion look was just perfect and the pink shoes really added to it.

​Now the sun has really dropped we got some amazingly elegant colors in the dark sky and now it was time to go elegant with the outfit. Is there anything more elegant than a black formal dress?

This really was a fun shoot and as I'm sure you know by now I aim to give everyone a great variety of looks in their shoot. This shows that variety can be accomplished even in the smallest of locations by simple outfit changes and some creativity. 

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MeaganB - Senior Photoshoot Baton Rouge Senior Photographer - MeaganB Blog3Baton Rouge Senior Photographer - MeaganB Blog3Baton Rouge Senior Photographer

Baton Rouge Senior Photographer - MeaganB Blog4Baton Rouge Senior Photographer - MeaganB Blog4Baton Rouge Senior Photographer

Baton Rouge Senior Photographer - Meaganb Blog2Baton Rouge Senior Photographer - Meaganb Blog2Baton Rouge Senior Photographer

Baton Rouge Senior Photography - MeaganB Blog1Baton Rouge Senior Photography - MeaganB Blog1Baton Rouge Senior Photographer


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Why do I shoot at Night? If you look through my work you will see that I shoot a lot at night and at sunset. This is not really something senior photographers do as a norm so why do I do it? The reasons really are simple. I like to shoot at night!! 


It took me a long time to figure out what my style was in photography and what my niche was. Then one day I decided to do a night shoot to develop my skills and knowledge. It was the middle of summer and the hunidity was crazy but it was so much fun. I enjoyed the technical side of the shot by figuring out where the light was going to fall, how the shadows would appear, could I separate the model from the dark background....................... all this technical stuff made sense to me and it kept me on my toes. I loved envisioning a completely dark alley set up for a shot and then trying re-create it in reality. It was fun!! 

When I got home to my computer I needed to upload the images and see what I had captured. It was very late at night and I needed to edit some of the images. I always know when I am excited about a shoot because it doesn't matter what time I get home, I will start to edit. This shoot was like that for me. Not only did I enjoy the shoot but I was really happy with the results. I had found what I wanted to do!! But........ I still wanted to shoot my seniors and seniors don't shoot at night!! So I created the Day2Nite shoot for seniors. I am not going to go into the Day2Nite concept again as I already blogged about it before and I don't want to bore you guys that have already read that one: DAY2NITE Blog Post 


I shoot at night because I love to shoot at night, I love how the images look and I love how it keeps me on my toes as a photographer. It also adds another option for those seniors that want something different for their photoshoot.

BE DIFFERENT................


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Studio, Flowers & Tulle.......... Oh my! As I'm sure you are aware by now, I like to offer something different in my photo shoots. I have always loved to shoot in the studio but my little home studio was a little small for most projects and it was usually occupied by wife and her amazing New born Photography business. So when the time came for my wife to move to a bigger, stand alone studio my brain started going crazy with all the projects I wanted to shoot. Actually, my brain is still going a little crazy now.


A while back I got high recognition from my peers and won awards for a shoot I did in the studio with one of my Model Reps. We had a bolt of tulle and some fake flowers and just went with our imagination. Just a simple background with fun color tulle which we just wrapped, pinned, clamped, fluffed, twisted.............. until we got something that looked great. It was a cross between fashion designing and a photoshoot. Everyone was being interactive in the look of the image including the hair and makeup artist. It was a lot of fun!!


So when the new studio opened up I really wanted to add something like that tulle shoot to my shoot options for clients. I got some of my Model Reps together and we aimed for the same thing. Just to have fun and go with it and no rules. I admit, it was even more fun the second time around. When I say there was a mountain of tulle in the front room of the studio I am not exaggerating, there was close to 600 yards of unravelled tulle piled up and being wrapped around people. We then added a few flowers to the look and even let the moms throw flower petals at them......... ok, they weren't throwing petals AT them, more like dropping gently from above. Six girls participated in this shoot and it was even more fun than before, so I just had to create a photo shoot option which included it.


I love my outdoors location shoots so I decided to create the "BEAUTIFUL - Inside & Out" shoot. This shoot starts off in the studio for the first hour, playing with the tulle and flowers, exactly as I have been talking about above. Then we will head out of the studio to a nearby location and shoot my usual unique style of flash photography, sunsets and great surroundings. The best of both worlds in one shoot. If you are looking for something different for your senior pictures then a ZeroFourFour shoot is the way to go, but if you are looking for something VERY different for your senior shoot then the BEAUTIFUL - Inside & Out shoot is definitely for you! 

If you would like more info on the shoot you can check out the info in the Seniors page.

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Meet & Greet Event Come along to the ZeroFourFour Photogaphy Meet & Greet Event on Wednesday August 19th between 6:30pm and 9pm.


This is your chance to meet me and ask any questions you have in person. You can check out my work and even win a prize in the prize draw. 


The address of the event is 11857 Bricksome Ave, STE B, Baton Rouge.


I hope to see you all there.




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Day2Nite - Senior LUXE Shoot You may or may not have heard about the ZeroFourFour Day2Nite senior shoots. The great thing about a Day2Nite shoot is the huge variety of images we can capture from your senior photo shoot. 

The following images are from Savannah's senior shoot. We started off with some pretty shots in the daylight amongst the trees and flowers.

Senior Day2Nite Photo ShootSenior Photo shoot in Baton Rouge

Day2Nite Senior Photo ShootSenior Photo Shoot in Baton Rouge

We move out of the trees and flowers and without even changing outfits there is a new modern look.

Denham Springs Senior Photo ShootPhoto shoot with a Denham Springs Senior in Baton Rouge

ANother outfit change now gives us a fantastically simple classic look

Senior pictures in Baton RougeSenior from Denham Springs shooting her senior photos in Baton Rouge Louisiana

We have got some great shots and have had a few outfit changes but now the sun has started to go down we can go for a couple of new looks. These next two images show off a little more of an edgy look.

Baton Rouge senior photoshootBaton Rouge senior photoshoot with a Denham Springs High girl/


Senior photosHigh School Senior pictures in Baton Rouge

Even when the sun has set there are beautiful skies to capture with a little camera magic and long exposure. 

Louisiana Senior Photo ShootBeautiful sunset photoshoot with a Denham Springs High school senior

Now the sky looks completely black to the naked eye, but when you slow the camera down the city lights illuminate the sky and show off the clouds in the darkness.

Senior Photo ShootSenior photo shoot overlooking a night time skyline of Baton Rouge

This is just a few of the amazing images we capyured from Savannah's senior photo shoot. I have not really said much about them as I think the images speak for themselves. Remember that ALL these images were part of the same shoot, so many different looks and such an exciting portfolio of images to choose from to celebrate that great chapter of your life. 


If you are looking for something different for your Senior photo shoot, then this could be the thing for you. Think about the huge variety of looks we could achieve. Think about all the variables, different outfits, different locations, daytime, sunset, night time, outside, studio......... and then why not add the amazing talent of one of the Hair and Makeup artists that I work with. Now you can have a different look with each outfit................. Lets plan an amazing photo shoot experience for your senior pictures! Not JUST a senior photo shoot, a photo shoot EXPERIENCE!!


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The TRILOGY I have been getting so many enquiries from girls who are not yet Seniors or have already graduated about shooting with me that I wanted to come up with an open to all shoot concept that shows off what I love to do in the photography business. I wanted to do something a little bit different than the ordinary so I came up with the Trilogy.

High School Seniors, Senior Photographer, Baton RougeThe TRILOGY Night ShootShoot one of the TRILOGY was the Night Shoot.

The TRILOGY is three photo shoots spread over three weeks with three girls in each group. The girls would model in all three shoots and stay with the same girls through the whole concept. So if they wanted to sign up with a couple of friends they could enjoy an experience together or they could sign up on their own and make some new friends. 

Senior Photographer, senior photoshoot, High School Seniors, Baton Rouge, Denham SpringsThe TRILOGY Beach ShootThis is the second shoot in the TRILOGY concept. The Beach is a fun place to shoot.

The three shoots I wanted to do were a night shoot, a beach shoot and a swimming pool shoot. I love all three of these shoots and I thought it would be fun to add them all in one. 

I have shot two of the four groups of girls so far and it could not be more fun!

Senior Photographer, high school senior photography, baton rouge, denham springsThe TRILOGY Swimming Pool ShootThe swiming pool is a great place to shoot especially in the crazy Louisiana heat.


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Why book my Senior shoot so early?

What is with this weather so far this year? Oh, that's right, it's Louisiana! Anyone who has lived in Louisiana for more than a month will know that you can't really predict this crazy weather, especially in the Spring. Even the trained weather reporters have no idea. lol. The one thing I can honestly say is that this has been probably the wettest and most unpredicatable Spring season I have experienced since I moved here. 


So you are probably thinking "Why is this guy waffling on about the weather?" Well for two reasons really. One: I am British and it is in my DNA to just talk about the weather :) But secondly.......... The weather plays a huge part in your Senior shoot. Anyone who booked their Senior shoot for the Spring time is gambling on the craziness of the weather. Yes, I know it rains in the Fall and winter too, but the Spring has been nothing buy hectic re-scheduling due to rain.

So why wait until Spring to shoot? You maybe want the flowers blooming, you think about the sun shining, it's closer to graduation........... You might have several reasons that the Spring time appeals to you, but what about the Fall? Think about the Fall and tell me you don't get a fuzzy feeling inside. The beautiful colors of the trees, that warm light you get from the sun going down earlier in the day, the cooler and less humid weather that allows you to wear amazing outfits without melting............ Fall is beautiful in it's own way. And yes, yes, yes it does rain in the Fall and your shoot might have to be re-scheduled, but think about how much time you have to re-schedule it, think about all those extra days available to us to ensure a stress free, relaxed and amazing shoot for your Senior pictures. Sounds good doesn't it?


So the weather is a key factor as to why it is worth booking your Senior pictures early, but how about something that runs the world....... Time & Money. I hate this topic as I just think we should all have as much money as we want. lol. Back in the UK our schooling is very different from over here, for one we don't do Senior pictures, but we don't go all out in celebrating the final paragraph of the that chapter in our lives. Basically, I am saying that the US do it bigger and better. Unfortunately bigger and better usually means more expensive and busier. lol.

So what goes into a senior year?

Senior Pictures, College Applications, College Enrollment, Yearbook, Yearbook Ads, Test Prep Classes, Class Ring, L Jacket, Homecoming , Prom, Senior Trip, College trips............ Then the time everyone spends doing Sports, cheer, dance, color guard, academic clubs, outside activities, studying, working.......... It's going to be a crazy year, so why leave things until later when you can get them planned early and even spread the cost of things? 

There are a few things you want the best of no matter what and surely the pictures that document you being a Senior is not somewhere you want to go for the cheapest or go to whoever is still available. So book your Senior pictures early, get the photographer you really want and check another thing off the list early.


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Alexa - Class of 2015 Alexa is part of the Class of 2015 Model Rep team and graduated from Central high school. You may recognise Alexa from one of my most well known images, the girl dancing hip hop in the rain at night. It was definitely a shoot to remember. Check out a few of the images from Alexa's full senior shoot.


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Scotti - Class of 2015  

As I finish up with my Class of 2015 senior shoots I am filled with mixed emotions with the sadness of seeing my 2015 Model Rep team go off to college and the excitement of a new team about to start their Senior year with ZeroFourFour. 

So over the next few weeks I thought I would share the photo shoots of my Class of 2015 Model Rep Team.


We will start with Scotti who attended Live Oak High. We shot Scotti's session at the beautiful Nottoway Plantation and it really was the perfect place to match her style and personality. Scotti was easily the most sassy person on my rep team and it was always great fun to shoot with her. Check out some of her images.






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WPPI with David Beckstead & Nik Pekridis Wow, I had two days available during WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) expo in Las Vegas. Louisiana to Vegas, see everything and back to Louisiana in 48 hours? Could that be done? You don't know until you try and I am up for trying. Flight and Hotel booked using airmiles, ticket to the Expo....... Everything cost me less than $100! Thank goodness for airmiles. lol.

About two weeks before I was leaving I all of a sudden thought "This is too much" It usually takes a few hours to figure out the Expo, see where everything is and how it flows and just getting used to being there with so much going on. Then I read a post on Facebook from one of my favorite photographers, David Beckstead.

David was offering to walk one person around the Expo for a few hours, his years of experience of attending these Expos and his knowledge of vendors at companies was available to one lucky person. This was perfect! I needed this to help me from having an overload and my head exploding. I had to write to David and tell him why I felt he should walk me round. I told him about how I only had one day at the Expo and I wanted to see as much as possible and the thought of being there for the first time was a little overwhelming........... I admit I did beg a little too. lol. 

I WON! I could not believe it that David had actually picked me. This is a photographer who I had admired for many years and I was actually going to get to spend time with him at the expo. I was pumped about it! We planned to meet at the Expo at 10:30am on the Monday, which was great as my flight got into Las Vegas at 9am and the Monte Carlo hotel is just across the road from the MGM where the expo is. 

I landed on time, the cab driver took me straight to the hotel, they checked me in early............ Everything was going great until I realized how far away from the expo I actually was. My room was at the farthest end away from the MGM and the expo was at the farthest end away from the Monte Carlo. It was a 30 minute walk at a fast pace. lol. Anyway..... I ended up being a little late and about 6lbs lighter when I met up with David.

Let me just say I had a blast walking round with David, I loved listening to him talk about products and lighting and just his world in general. It is very easy to buy good photography equipment but education and inspiration are more important in my opinion and that is what I get from photographers like David. I really could write a whole blog just about him and what I got from him and I will write a blog on this topic very soon but I want to get on with the WPPI expo blog for now.

It was really fun to be introduced to so many people I have looked up to in the photography world who are all friends of David, I was shown products that he liked and just watching him mingle with everyone and anyone at the expo whether he knew them or not was a lot of fun. I shot this picture because a group of guys came over to speak to David and it was fun to see how excited they all were. They had come over from Asia and were all handing out there business cards, taking selfies and just bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm.

Not only did I get to spend time with David, I got some great gifts from some of his sponsors and friends.

This first gift was from a company that I have used for some time now and it really is one of my favorite products that I use. Anyone who has seen me shoot would have seen my camera hanging from my waist. The Spider Holster is a fantastic product, I am able to secure my camera safely without having to have something around my neck or putting pressure on my shoulder that have been dislocated many times in the past. I no longer come home from shoots with a bad neck and even when the camera is in the holster without the lock in position I have never once thought my camera was not secure. This is the holster that I have used for about two years now and I love everything about it. The image is from and I very much recommend you go and check them out.

Most of the time when you buy an innovative new product you have a "but" comment. "I like this, but I wish it had....." type of comment. Spider Holster take away the "but" part of that. They make it work for you. I like most photographers use more than one lens through a wedding and it's not always (almost never) practical to carry a bag around at a wedding so they have come up with a pouch that attaches to the Spider Holster belt. There are lots of pouches out there that attach to belts but this one takes the "but" off the product.

Me and David at the Spider Holster booth.

What you can't see about this pouch is that it has a couple of little extras that most pouches don't have. One is just a simple rain hood that quickly covers the top of your lens and the other is a tether for the rear lens cap which means no more searching for the cap which has fallen out somewhere when you just want to quickly switch lenses and carry on shooting. Honestly, these little things help lots. The guys at Spider Holster were good enough to give me one of these pouches and it will certainly get a lot of use.

The second product that I loved from these guys is the Spider Monkey. I love this for my flash as I like to have an additional flash close to hand. It's a clip with a simple button release, it's not complicated. It is a strong secure product that is easy and quick to use, that's all I want from this product and it delivers. Go and check out all the products from this company now.

The next gift I got was from another of my idols Jerry Ghionis. I've always loved Jerry's work and a few months ago I even drove 10 hours in one day to go to a 12 hour workshop of his in Houston and would happily do it again. So when I was given a year's membership to the Ice Society which is an online education website I can truly say I say very excited about it.


Top image is David and myself with the beauitful Melissa Ghionis and below we are with the Wescott Icelight 2You'll see some shots of us using the Icelight 2 later on in the blog when I get to my Photo Walk with Nik Pekridis.

I spent some time with the amazing ladies at Amherst Media and had chance to look through some of the books they publish including David's book.

Check out the royalty free music company Triple Scoop Music who set me up with a gift card for some free music. I'm sure you all know that it is against the law to use artist's music without the correct licencing, but Triple Scoop Music sorts out all that for you. You just search for the perfect song to suit your website, slideshow.... etc and you just buy the song. It really is that simple.

Photo Flash Drive is already well known by any of my clients but it's always fun for me to try some new packaging and that's what i'll be doing with the gift card they gifted to me.

And finally I have to give a huge shout out to Album Epoca. David is an ambassador for them and I got to look through the beautiful and unique albums that they produce. They are not an ordinary album company, they truly are a piece of art before they are even printed with images in them. Just talking to all the people involved with the business was proof enough that they are going to produce work of the highest standard each and every time. One of the first things I did when I got home was sign up to use them as my new Album company, and with the gifts they gave me I can not wait to get some sample albums in ready to show my Brides this year.


I truly wish I could talk more and more about the fun I had at the Expo with David but it is really difficult to put into words how motivated and inspired I was from the few hours I spent with him. David, I can't thank you enough for taking the time to do this. I know I forgot to give you your bar of dark chocolate (I had to take David some dark chocolate as a thank you, but forgot to give it to him because of my marathon walk at the beginning. lol) I promise I will make it up to you. 

Please check out the companies that were so great to me through my photo walk. There are links to each one any time you see their name and definitely go see David's work if you haven't yet, here is his business card to make it easy for you ;)



The Expo was lots of fun and I got to see everything I wanted to and met some great new people. As I was in Vegas alone for the night I decided to sign up for a Photo Walk. A photo walk is like a little workshop, a couple of hours hanging out with another amazing photographer and seeing what they see. There were lots of great photographers hosting photo walks that night, but once I saw Nik Pekridis was hosting, my mind was made up.

I'm not going to go on about this too much but if you are going to WPPI next year (and they do Photowalks again) then definitely sign up for one or even more. It was $69 well spent and I wish I could have done a few more on other days just so I could learn a little bit from many more photographers.

On the walk with Nik we stayed inside the MGM hotel and talked through some different scenarios and used different lighting and posing. We got to use the new Ice Light 2. Here are a couple of my images from the Nik Pekridis Photo Walk.

Model - Naomi Grace







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Weddings - The First Look The groom stands nervously at the front of the church waiting for that first glimpse of his bride in her beautiful dress as she walks towards him. SO many emotions from the day and finally that moment has arrived after months of planning. THAT is what the First Look always used to be. Tradition stated that you don't see each other until the wedding, a tradition that many still believe and trust in.

But is it for everyone? Not at all! Some couples want to buck that tradition and are having a First Look before the ceremony. Now I am not here to say it is right or wrong to do this, I am a firm believer that a wedding day is about two people getting married in a way that suits them and no one else. It is for the bride and groom to decide, but I just want to explain why I love shooting First Looks before the ceremony.

The first "First Look" that I shot before a ceremony was for Lisa & Scooter. I had seen it with many of my colleagues and friends and I always offer it as an option because I want to make sure the bride and groom are getting what they want. 

So the day of their wedding came and I was really excited to shoot this for the first time. To make the "First Look" work I had to understand what it was all about, what was the purpose of it? I needed to put myself into their position to try and get an understanding of how they were feeling.

The wedding day is full of emotions, very different emotions. Yes it is a happy occasion and one of the biggest emotions is happiness but I think a wedding is one of the only occasions where any emotion there is in the world, you can feel it. Months of planning and building up to this one day can start getting to a head.............. Then when you see your future at either end of the aisle, all those emotions turn to that moment. Happiness and a few nerves are whats left as you walk towards each other. We can cope with those feelings!! 

When you are happy, you want to see your other half and share it with them. When you are upset, you want to see your other half and share it with them. When you are stressed, nervous, excited........ you want to see your other half and share it with them. Don't you? But they are not there in the build up to seeing each other because they are getting ready to see you at the end of the aisle. 

I see the "First Look" as a moment where you can be alone for a few minutes, let all those emotions drift away or come out to the person you need to see more than any other. It is a time with just the two of you to say nothing to each other if need be, but just to be with each other. No guests, no family, no planners.................. just them. SO how do I capture that moment? With a LONG lens and discretion. The "First Look" is something I have planned out in detail before it happens.

As a wedding photographer emotions are what I love to shoot and I find that a "First Look" before the ceremony produces so many positive emotions in a short time. It is a photographer's dream.

I am going to show you two storyboards with just three pictures in each. Lisa and Scooter were very cool and collected through the whole of the wedding but in that "First Look" their emotions rolled out of them and I adore the shots I got. 

The there is Idus & Clayton. The day had been a little stressful and things were all running a little late. This is not unusual, but they don't know this because they had never done it before and they wanted everything to be perfect of course. The moment that got me with these two was the middle picture. I always shoot to get their first reactions and then after a few minutes I want to give them a real short time without me there so they can have that moment. I stepped inside for literally two minutes and when I can back out they were dancing together in the courtyard, laughing and having fun. Any negative emotion they had, was gone and Idus told me why. She got to see her best friend! it's as simple as that.

So before I show you the pictures I just want to say that the day is about you. Whether it is sticking to traditions that are close to you or mixing it up a little bit the important thing is that you make it YOUR day.



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In the Studio I know most of my work is on location rather than in the studio, but I do have a very small in home studio that sometimes screams for some attention from me. I love being out on location with the variety of settings and backdrops, I love how I have to think on my feet to work with whatever is going on with the light and surroundings when on outdoor locations.

But......... I am a huge fan of the technical side of photography and shooting in the studio allows me to work with different light set-ups without having to worry about carrying equipment. I can take my time as I am controlling the light and the model is not melting in the Louisiana heat.

I would love to one day have a bigger studio where I can shoot more often and offer the more editorial beauty shoots that I love so much........... one day :)

Working in a studio is the thing that allows me to see how I have grown and improved as a photographer. This is the best way for me to look at it as I have the constant of the studio. The same room, the same lights, the same equipment....... The main variable is me, my vision and how I use the equipment to achieve my vision.


The above image is a perfect example of why shooting in the studio can be such a fun challenge. Plain grey background and no wardrobe options, Taylor is wearing a strapless shirt but I purposely shot so it wouldn't show because I feel it would have taken away from what is important in this image. Her face! I wanted Taylors make-up to be a little dramatic to add something to her eyes and mouth which is the main focal points. Everything about this shot is done on purpose, her head angle, where she is looking, her mouth position....... all of this is to create those little shadows and highlights that I wouldn't have even thought about a few years back. It's a simple shot like this that shows me that all my hours of studying lighting, posing, attending workshops and dedicating all my spare time to improve has paid off. 

Now I know it sounds like I am completely anal about every little detail of the shoot, but it is not a chore for anyone as I now do it all second nature. A photographer is also a director and directing everything without driving everyone crazy is all part of the lifestyle of a professional photographer.


















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What is a Professional Photographer? As usual this is just my personal opinion, other people's opinions may be different an that I the beauty of us all being individuals :) 

What is the difference between a person with a camera and a professional photographer?

We could break it down to find the definition


  • Adjective - Engaging in a given activity as a source of livelihood or a career
  • Noun - One who earns a living in a given or implied occupation


  • A person who takes photographs, especially as a job.

So it's simple, a professional photographer is a person who get's paid to take pictures!

So in theory if you gave me $10 to cook you a meal, I would be a chef?

So in theory if I gave me $10 to draw you a house plan, I would be an architect?

So in theory if you gave me $10 to take your temperature and give you a pill, I would be a doctor?





I truly believe that the thing that makes any person a professional is EDUCATION! When I first started out I did quite a few cheap and even free photo shoots for friends and family to help me learn. Not to make money, TO LEARN! It wasn't for about a year that I felt even close enough to having the knowledge that I could call myself a photographer and call what I do an occupation. Even now after 5 years I am still learning everyday and that is one of the reasons I love what I do. There will never be a day that there isn't something I can learn.

People ask "Where did you go to study photography?" And for a while I used to say "nowhere, I'm self taught" What a big lie that was. No, I never went to an actual college or school to get a piece of paper that says I am now a photographer (I am not bashing it at all) and yes, I did teach myself a few things but on the whole I am not self tought. I am taught by the succesful and knowledgable professionals of the photography world.

I went to the school of Sue Bryce, the school of Jerry Ghionis, the school of Annie Liebowitz, the school of Lee Lopez, Mark Eric, Jessica Vandermark, Amanda Holloway.............................. The list goes on and on. Every one of these people and a hindred more are people that I have spoken to, looked up to, listened to, went to a workshop, bought a learning class, watched them shoot, asked a question to......... LEARNT FROM!! So I am not self taught, I have been taught from the best in the business and I will continue to learn from the best in the business. I sit here today with workshops booked and books in front of me full of knowledge for me to take in and become a better professional than yesterday.

Back to my first question

What is the difference between a person with a camera and a professional photographer? In my opinion it is EDUCATION and ability to use that education in the best way.


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Our Diverted Journey My wife Cherilyn and I are no different from anyone else, we have plans and dreams for the future. What we didn't plan for was the news we got a few weeks ago. "Yes, it's breast cancer". Words that no one wants to hear about themselves or a loved one. In fact, I wouldn't want to hear it about anyone!

So yes, our short term plans were going to have to change a little whilst Cherilyn fights this pain in the arse. But it is just a diversion, it is just a speed bump that we will need to slow down a little bit for. People react in different ways to things and we are not people that are going to fall into a depression and let this little bugger rule our life. We are getting on with life as normal (with a few doctors visits in the mix) we need to be positive about this and see it for what it is. It's a diversion! We will still get where we want to go, we will still try to make our dreams reality, we are just going a different route.

Cherilyn has a type of cancer that is at a higher percentage of returning but there were options available to her. Lumpectomy, where they take the lump out and fill in the gap (I am very non technical about it obviously. lol) or they could remove the whole breast and build a new one and try to match it up, or they could remove both and give her shiny new ones at the end. I am being a little flippant about this but believe me we did talk about it and discussed it with the doctors to come to the final decision. Because of the chances of the cancer returning later in life Cherilyn decided that she would go for the double mastectomy. In the end it was Cherilyn's choice to do this. I gave my honest opinion and asked all the questions I could think of to make sure she was considering all aspects, but most importantly I was there for her no matter what she decided. If a double mastectomy is good enough for Angelina Jolie then it's good enough for Cherilyn.

Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow (Oct 23rd) which is why I will be out for a couple of days. Then a few months of chemo and then new boobs. Yes, I know I am being very flippant about it again and I promise that I am fully aware of how tough the months ahead are going to be for Cherilyn. But do we have to dwell on it all of the time? No! Sometimes it helps to joke about it, it doesn't make it any less real but it helps me put it in it's place. Cancer is a bully and it is there to ruin your life, well we are standing up to this bully and putting it in it's place.

It's very easy for me to do this as I went through the same thing with my mum who fought many different types of cancer for about 16 years and in the end it wasn't the cancer that beat her. Having been surrounded by cancer for so many years I have learned how it can impact everyone's life around it. I am very much like my mum when dealing with this, I will look for any silver lining possible (there is always something, no matter how thin) I know when to be serious about it and when to be flippant about it and I know that moping will not help anything or anyone. Cherilyn will beat this!!

Here is a silver lining to Cherilyn's cancer. It can be cured!! The reason why is that it was caught early. CAUGHT EARLY! Time is everything with cancer and the way it was caught early was self discovery. There are many types of cancer in this world that can not be detected by yourself, but breast cancer can be. Don't be afraid of what you might find by checking, be afraid of what you don't find by not checking. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but cancer doesn't work on a calendar so check all the time. Make it part of your routine in life and if you are unsure about anything, get it checked. It could be nothing but at least you will know.

If I could give any advice on this, it would be one thing. COMMUNICATION!! Don't be afraid to talk about it with your other half, family, friends and more importantly the doctors. Don't shy away from it as that is when it can become scary, you don't have to talk about it ALL the time but don't ignore it. If you have any questions, ask the right person. The right person is NOT Google! The right person is the doctor who will give you all the details you need. I think I asked as many questions in the doctors appointments as Cherilyn did. COMMUNICATION and P.M.A. (Positive Mental Attitude)

Cherilyn is doing a blog of her entire journey, if you would like to follow her journey you can see it here.

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The Manhattan Experience So a few weeks ago I announced that I will now be offering New York Senior Photo Shoot packages. I have had quite a few questions about it and nopne of the questions are the same, so I thought I would write a bit of a blog about why I offer this and what it is all about.

Yes this is a real photo shoot and it is actually in New York City, the New York City that we all know from a hundred movies and TV shows.

As I am sure you are all aware by now, I am British and one of the great things about growing up in the London area of England is the access to other places. I lived about an hour away from Heathrow airport and you could fly to pretty much anywhere and everywhere from that airport. And if for some reason you couldn't fly to the place you wanted from Heathrow airport, then I would just drive an hour in the other direction and fly out of Birmingham airport. It really was that simple!! Greece, France, Monte Carlo, Spain, Holland, Tenerife, Dubai, Iceland, Lapland, Norway, Germany, Italy, USA............ the list goes on and on of the places I was able to visit because of the amazing place I was based. After all of these visits to great cities and fantastic cultures around the world, nothing came close to comparing to my favorite place. LONDON baby!!! Can you believe it? My favorite place on earth was the city that I used to travel to weekly for work. lol. There is just something about London that excites me everytime I go. The atmosphere, the history, the architecture, the diversity........ I just love the place. Like I said, nothing had come close to comparing until my 30th Birthday when my incredible wife took me to New York. Wow!! I was hooked. It had everything that London had and it was much closer to my new home in Louisiana than London. 

When I think of shooting your Senior photos, I want it to be a time that you always remember. The end of high school is a big thing, it is the place that shaped you as an adult, it's the place where you made life long friends, maybe fell in love for the first time. You remember the dances, the parties, the football games........... and I want you to remember your Senior Photo Shoot. 

What better way to have an experience to remember than to shoot in a city you will never forget. I'd love to shoot all you Seniors in London, but I understand that it is not realistic but New York is realistic. More realistic than you might think. This is why I offer a Photo Shoot package to New York. It is an amazing place and you are an amazing person about to finish a very important time of your life. Go out in style :)

When you are in the city that never sleeps, it seems a waste of time to just shoot one little area of the city. How do you decide where to shoot? Times Square? Financial District? Central Park? Grand Central Station, Statue of Liberty..... Do you shoot in the day time or take advantaghe of the amazing lights at night? TOO MANY OPTIONS!!! So I have taken that pressure away. Lets shoot at them ALL :) When you have up to 12 hours of shooting time you can do a great shoot in Central Park, maybe out on the lakes, with the Plaza as a backdrop. Then it's time for a little break to get some lunch and change outfits for a daytime shoot in Times square and the Little Italy. Then we could head back to do some great shots in my favorite hotel which has a fantastic old movie feel and a roof terrace that looks straight up at the Empire State Building from just two blocks away. Then after another break for you to go shopping at Macy's or Bloomingdales we finish off your day shooting with a night time shoot in Times Square with the energetic surroundings and the bright city lights as an incrfedible backdrop.

This is just one scenario, if I think about it oo much my head will explode because of the huge amount of options that are available to us. But don't stress about the locations, leave that to me to plan. You just worry about those fantastic outfits you will need. So whether it's a shoot in New York for just yourself or a shoot with a couple of your friends, ZeroFourFour can do it for you in New York City. 

The ZeroFourFour Senior Magazine has loads more info and prices. PLEASE SEND ME A FREE DIGITAL COPY OF THE MAGAZINE.






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The Senior Experience

Why do I love shooting Senior portraits? I love to find the confidence and beauty in people, it's as simple as that! 

Every girl is beautiful in her own way, she may or may not know what makes her beautiful but I like to make sure they know what it is that makes them beautiful by showing her. I am going to use the word "imperfections" during this blog as I can't think of a different word (I'm a photographer not a writer) but I believe that an imperfection is nothing more than a difference of opinion. What you may feel is an imperfection may be what someone else sees as perfection, the little wrinkles by your eyes may be an imperfection in your mind but it might be one of the things your boyfriend loves about you. You mmight think of them as a sign of getting old, but he sees them as a sign that you smile lots and are a happy person. Seeing you smile makes him smile............. Do you see what I mean? It is just a difference of opinion as everyone has different tastes and looks for different features in people. So I will use the word "imperfection" but I would ask that you view it in the same way as I do.
We are a species that always tends to look at our own imperfections first. I'm sure there is a university study going on somewhere to tell us why we do this, but personally I have no idea why we do it. Those imperfections make us concious when we are living our lives as we think people are seeing those imperfections and even maybe judging us for them. Believe me when I say that people see the beauty in people before the imperfections. It's true watch this video and you will see it yourself VIDEO
I see that beauty and then I use my creativity to showcase it. This is where my experience and knowledge as a photographer comes in, if you have big beautiful eyes I have to use the right lighting and correct angles to show that off. That is the difference between a good photographer and a bad photographer. I have studied posing, lighting, composition, equipment.......... to ensure I do you justice through a camera. Even the most beautiful people in the world can be made to look imperfect in a photo if the lighting is poor or if the angle is wrong. This doesn't mean the person actually looks like that, it means that it was a bad picture.
So I can see the beauty in you, but you still don't believe it. You are still thinking about those little wrinkles by your eyes that you think look like the Grand Canyon. I could stand behind the camera and tell you that your eyes look amazing and your smile is another level of perfect, but you won't believe me. In every session the first 10 minutes are about me proving something to you. I am proving that you are beautiful. In those first 10 minutes we will get some good, beautiful shots of you. I don't want GOOD, you deserve more than GOOD!! We want GREAT, AMAZING, FANTASTIC beautiful shots. What is it that makes a good shot into that great shot? CONFIDENCE!!
With digital cameras these days it is very easy for me to prove how beautiful you look in a shot. I will take that shot with you looking stunning and all I have to do is let you see the image on the back of the camera. No editing, no crazy effects, just you! That's a big moment for us both as it will prove to you that you are beautiful, you won't see the imperfections because your beauty is stronger. Your confidence is growing now, you are enjoying yourself and now we are getting GREAT shots. 
Senior Portraits are such a big part of a girl's life. Confidence and high self esteem are so important to everyone and at this stage in your life it is important to have both. It may just seem like Senior Photos but if the experience can help give you confidence in everything you do. Are you going to go to college and meeting new people thinking about the imperfections that the bad photographer emphasized or are you going to meet those new friends thinking that they are seeing your amazing smile? It's sounds crazy, but that is how the human mind works. Unless you have proof that you are beautiful, you will think about the imperfections. Let me give you the proof!
I want to make your Senior Photo Shoot an experience you'll remember. When you think of High School I want you to think of Homecoming, Prom, the Championship game, Spring Break at the beach............ my Senior photo shoot. Let's make your photo shoot personal to you. You can bring your whole wardrobe to the shoot if you want and then we can go through the clothes and match up utfits that are going to look amazing in the camera and outfits that tell us about your style, then let the hair and makeup artist give you a different look for each outfit. Let's use a location that says something about YOUR personality. And most importantly let's have fun, don't be afraid to laugh and make fun of my accent. I know I talk funny so feel free to laugh at me. So let's go ahead and start planning your senior photo shoot.
It's not just senior pictures, it's an experience!
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True Beauty Through the Lens

About a year ago I saw an image that had me speechless. It was labeled as a glamour image, but I had seen glamour shots and this looked nothing like it. This image was posed, but felt natural. It had natural lighting, but was shot in a studio. Everything about it had me hooked. That is what I wanted to shoot, this was where I wanted to be as a photographer and an artist. Who was the photographer that had instantly inspired me? Her name was Sue Bryce. An amazing photographer out of New Zealand.

A few weeks later there was a workshop by Sue Bryce which I just had to see. Maybe I could pick up some pointers on how to shoot like she does. Wow, the workshop was three days long and it was so in depth. I loved how she took everyday, hard working women and showed them their true beauty. I have worked tirelessly to learn how to bring out a woman's true beauty when they are self consious and guarded about their appearance. It is not a lie when I say that EVERY woman has her own true beauty. You just need to be shown it.

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you see the beauty in your smile and in your eyes or do you just see a reflection? A reflection of someone who has been at work all day, a reflection of someone who has been chasing the kids around all day, a reflection of someone who has been dealing with grocery shopping, house work, taking the boys to soccer then rushing across town to take the girls to dance then rushing home to cook some dinner, bath the kids and then pass out yourself............. How often do you see your true beauty these days? Almost never, because you have not looked at yourself long enough to see it again. It's there, I promise!

Your hectic life and the two seconds you get to look in the mirror each morning before flying out of the door has trained all of us to only see the negative in our appearance. In those two seconds looking in the mirror, the only thing we see are the flaws in our appearance. But is that the way your husband or boyfriend sees you? If you asked your best friend to describe you would they even mention those crows feet that to you seem to be getting deeper and wider each day? Or would they mention your amazing smile, your great complextion, your eyes that sparkle when you laugh............? 

I thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to read my blog on this topic. If you are a person that looks in the mirror and sees flaws in yuor appearance then I ask you to watch this short video below and see what I am talking about. Please turn the sound up on your phone or computer and think about how others look at you.


So........ what do you think? Did anything in the video touch a spot inside you? It did me! Did you see the happiness on all the women's faces when they saw how all those strangers described them? Did you hear the positive words that the strangers were using whilst describing the women? They saw the true beauty in those women and they saw it beacause true beauty is more powerful than little flaws. 

When you stand in front of the mirror, how do you stand? Are you stood with good posture in a way that emphasises your big eyes and your cheek bones? Or are you stood straight on, shoulders slumped, head sunk into your neck, arms hanging by your side............? How is your make up and hair? Are you having fun looking at yourself or were you already thinking about your flaws before you even looked in the mirror? 

I started shooting this modern glamour style of photography because I love to find the true beauty in women, the beauty that they haven't seen for some time. It is that reaction that makes me spend hours and hours learning how to pose people the correct way, how to light people the correct way and how to bring out the true beauty in people. Even the most beautiful people in the world can look a little funky in pictures if the lighting or posing is poor.

My Portrait Allure shoots and even my Senior shoots are based around showing everyone their true beauty. And what do you do if you have lost something? You look for it and finding it is easier than you think. Spoiling you with amazing hair and make-up artists, getting you dressed up in a great wardrobe and giving you the attention you deserve is a great way of finding your true beauty. Once you are in front of the camera you can relax and trust me to shoot that true beauty that has crept back in throughout your shoot. It's all about you!

Once you have found something you have lost, you tend to put it in a place where you will remember where it is in the future. That is easy this time round as you will have beautiful images showing off your true beauty to always remind you how amazing you are! 


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Leigha - Portrait Allure Shoot Leigha is one of the most versatile people I have ever shot. She turned up with an incredible range of outfits so we were able to do a few very different looks. The red dress is my addition to the wardrobe. Check out her full shoot:

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Terrence - Senior Photo Shoot Senior photo shoots are not just a girl thing! Terrence's laid back style was a lot of fun to shoot. Check out his images here:


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